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At Central, we are leading behavioral healthcare in Wyoming. You can read some of our recent news and thought leadership below. You might find feature articles about our staff, information about innovative therapies, or stories about recent behavioral healthcare events.

Veteran walking cross country makes stop in Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) Central Wyoming Counseling Center is welcoming Navy veteran and VetZero founder Tommy Zurhellen to Casper Sunday, June 9 during his walk across the country in support of veteran […]


New CEO Kevin Hazucha and staff seek to improve community well-being

When Kevin Hazucha graduated from college in the 1980s with a degree in accounting, he saw himself working in New York’s bustling and lucrative finance industry. But he quickly realized […]


What cancer and depression have in common

We all know what’s it’s like to have a bad day, go through a difficult time or have the blues. These are rough patches in our lives, but we’re able […]


Treat loneliness this month of love — Visit Central Wyoming Counseling Center

In February, we recognize relationships of all kinds ranging from romance to “Galentines” with flower bouquets, mushy cards and chalky candies. Love is supposed to be in the air. But […]


How mental health can make your 2018 resolutions a 2019 reality

Mental wellness is one of the most critical but most overlooked aspects of our physiology, which is largely a result of widespread societal misunderstanding of mental health. Every January marks […]


How to give yourself the best gift this holiday season

It’s Christmas Day, and the kitchen air is heavy with the sticky, sugary aroma of ham in the oven. Though this is a familiar scenario for most of us, that […]


Blood-curling screams of…delight? Understanding the fun in fear

Your heart rate spikes. Your muscles tighten. Your pupils dilate. Your senses are acutely heightened. You are afraid, and fear has activated your autonomic fight or flight reflexes. Biologically, our […]


This National Recovery Month, learn how addiction is more manageable than the common cold

Alcohol and substance use are shrouded by shameful and often inaccurate stigmas. Mental health professionals battle the dangerous misconception that addiction is a self-induced malady, and those afflicted by it […]


How to ease back-to-school anxiety

Though it might feel like the snow has barely melted, leaves are beginning to fall on Casper Mountain. Soon school bells will be ringing, and your kiddo is probably starting […]


How to make vacation last all year long

The reality that summer is at its halfway point can hit hard during the hot days of July. Many of us find ourselves looking back at the last two months […]


Driving sober this National Safety Month means more than staying away from drinks

June is National Safety Month, which aims to reduce preventable injury and death at work, at home and in our communities. One of the easiest ways to keep Casper and […]


Central Wyoming Counseling Center hosts art gallery for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Central Wyoming Counseling Center (CWCC) is celebrating by hosting an art gallery in its lobby May 14 to May 18 featuring pieces […]


What We Should Be Saying When We Talk About Suicide

A new film shares suicide survivors’ stories In Lisa Klein’s first year of college, she lost both her father and brother to suicide. For years, she felt like no one […]


Central Adds New Crisis Center

May 17th, Central Wyoming Counseling Center not only celebrated the opening of its new Comprehensive Crisis and Stabilization Services, but also the fact that these comprehensive services are now available […]


May is National Foster Care Month

With more than 400,000 children in foster care, May is a month set aside to honor parents and community members that have been actively involved in caring for those children […]


Celebrate a Moment of Laughter

On April 14th, International Moment of Laughter Day, we at Central are taking a moment to celebrate the healing and relaxing power of laughter. The International Moment of Laughter Day […]


Family Stories: Therapeutic Foster Care

Every child deserves a safe and caring home. For children suffering from behavioral or emotional distress it’s even more critical. Therapeutic Foster Care provides children with the intensive support needed to help them […]


Building the Future Together

Recently here in Wyoming it has not been “business as usual.” The best examples of this include new and strengthened collaborations. Casper’s mental health service providers are teaming up to […]


Central Announces a New Brand Identity

Central Announces a New Brand Identity Continuing a legacy of hope through a new brand. Casper, Wyoming Central Wyoming Counseling Center (Central) has undergone a total brand update and today announces […]


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